PowerCON SCARA IXP Series & MSEL Controllers – New Products Released!


New Products Released !

Introducing the Cost-effective Pulse Motor Type IXP to the IX Series of SCARA Robots and the MSEL program controllers

1. Due to pulse motors, the IXP costs around 1/2 a conventional model
2. All models come standard with battery-less absolute encoders
3. The robot weights approx. 30% less than a conventional model
4. Added 3-axis specification and 4-axis gripper specification

Link to the Product Page for more information, and to Download PDF Catalog #: CJ0219-1A-UST-1-0814 (5.8 MB)

Direct Drive Motor DD – New Types Added


Latest Additions — High Torque Type, Large Hollow Bore Type, High Resolution Type !

The Direct Drive Motor is a rotary actuator that directly drives a rotary table with a motor without using any speed reducing mechanism such as a belt or reduction gears. Eliminating the speed reducing mechanism explains why high speed and excellent response can be attained with such a compact frame.

1. High Speed, High Acceleration/Deceleration, High Payload
2. Index Absolute Type or Multi-rotation Absolute Type Can be Selected

Link to the Product Page for more information, and to Download PDF Catalog #: CJ0199-2A-UST-1-0814 (1.9 MB)

RCP5 ROBO Cylinder® with Battery-less Absolute Encoder – New Product Released!


New Product Released !

RCP5 ROBO Cylinder® with Battery-less Absolute Encoder as Standard Equipment

The RCP5 series actuator with battery-less absolute encoder, realizing the convenience of an absolute encoder along with the cost and simplicity of an incremental encoder

The battery-less absolute encoder is an innovative encoder requiring no hassle or cost of battery replacement or adjustment associated therewith (patent pending), as rotational position data is recognized by a combination of gears to make the battery, which has been a required component of any traditional absolute encoder, no longer necessary. This encoder is ideal for the automobile industry and other production facilities where many absolute type actuators are used.

Link to the Product Page for more information, and to Download PDF Catalog #: CJ0215-4A-UST-1-0814 (11 MB)

Adhesive Applicator – CT-Effects Application Example

Production Amount per Day:
560 ⇒ 940 pieces: ⇒  Productivity Improvement of 68%


Electronic Components / Applicator
Adhesive Applicator – CT-Effects Application Example
[ Robot/Electric Actuators ]
[ Controllers ]
RCP2-SA7C (2 axes) PSEL


  • [Equipment Overview]

    An apparatus for applying an adhesive to the cover of lamp lights and an indicator light in the manufacturing of electronic components.

    X-axis: RCP2-SA7C
    Y-axis: RCP2-SA7C
    Z axis: ISB-MXL
    Dispensing of the adhesive: RCP2-RA10C


  • [Problems of the air cylinder used]

    1. They were dispensing the adhesive by using the air cylinder. The dispensing rate was changed because the air pressure was unstable and the adhesive was interrupted or lumped.
    2. The viscosity of the adhesive changes under the conditions such as temperature, so that it took time to adjust the dispensing pressure.
    3. Defective parts were made when the adhesive that attached to the work parts formed adhesive strings that weren’t cut off after dispensing.


  • [Benefits of the electric actuator]

    • The 45 seconds cycle time has been reduced to 30 seconds because the amount of adhesive dispensed always stayed stable.
    • This enabled the supply of adhesive to be stable all day after trial testing each morning.
    • The failure rate due to adhesive dispensing reduced to almost zero from about 10 pieces a day since they set movement to cut clean the dispensed adhesive. This movement was of the electric actuator in the vertical direction and the slide table.


[CT Effects - Reduction in Cycle Time/Choco Tei]


Project Comparison Equipment with the air cylinder Equipment with the ROBO Cylinder
Cycle Time 45 seconds 30 seconds
Duration of Choco-Tei per event 60 minutes / day 60 minutes / day
Production per day 560 pieces (*1) 940 pieces (*2)

(*1) When the air cylinder was used: (8 hours – 1 hour Choco-Tei) ÷ 45 seconds = 560 pieces per day
(*2) When the ROBO Cylinder was used: (8 hours – 10 minutes) ÷ 30 seconds = 940 pieces per day

See more IAI electric actuator application examples


ROBO Cylinder® General Catalog 2014 is now downloadable


ROBO Cylinder® General Catalog (2nd Edition)

Catalog #: CJ0203-2A-UST-1-0614
Pages: Total 907 pages (without cover pages)

The ROBO Cylinder® comprehensive catalog is now updated and downloadable section by section. Please click the link below and check it out!

Go the the catalog download page

Note: This catalog release is the PDF version only at this point. Updated IAI Catalog Checklist will be posted when the print version becomes available. Thank you.

IAI’s Booth at Med Tech World MD and M West with Design World Trade Show 2014

Product Videos:
* CT4 High Speed Cartesian Robot, 4 Axis, High Acceleration / Deceleration,
* RCD Vertical Mini Gripper Slider Type – Ultra Small Ultra Compact
* DDR – Direct Drive Motor Rotary Actuator by IAI – how it rotates
* RCP4W RA IP67 Water Proof Radial Cylinder - IAI ROBO Cylinder
* TTA Table Top Robot – 3 Axis 2 Axis, Higher Payload Max Speed by IAI
* IAI – Work with PLC & Field Network – Connect with Various Types of FA Equipment


IAI Electric Actuator: http://www.intelligentactuator.com/new-products/


CT-Effects Mini Webinar Video – Learn How to Reduce Production Costs and Get Huge Savings


Mini Webinar videos at: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLKoah4afs0KZGh94bwrZy9rrz0pktfIJ9

Learn CT-Effects!, the key to reduce production costs. You may be able to further reduce the costs if you look closely at the CT effects. (This is for the environments of manufacturing, factory, automation, and much more.) So what exactly are CT effects? Check out the video clips!

[Short Video Titles]
CT Effect 2014 001 Intro – Key to Reduce Production Costs at Automation Manufacturer
CT Effect 2014 002 Productivity Improvement and Ceased Time Reduction
CT Effect 2014 003 Application Example of Cycle Time Reduction – Case Study
CT Effect 2014 004 Comparison Air Cylinder and Electric Actuator by Speed on t v Diagram
CT Effect 2014 005 Changeable Speed and Zone Output at Press Fitting Operation
CT Effect 2014 006 & 007 Cut The Costs Get The Huge Saving
(006: Reduce Machines Increase Production by using IAI Actuator ROBO)
(007: Cut The Costs Get The Huge Saving by IAI Electric Actuator)
CT Effect 2014 008 Example of Choco Tei Reduction & Huge Cost Saving LV
CT Effect 2014 009 Long Life Lower Inventory, Energy Cost & CO2Emissions, LV


IAI Electric Actuator: http://intelligentactuator.com


How to Wire the PCON-CA Controller

The PCON stepper motor controller boosts the performance of our RCP4 electric actuators supporting a high-output driver. The speed has been increased 1.5 times and can handle payload twice as much as our conventional models.

Field networks DeviceNet, CC-Link, PROFIBUS-DP, CompoNet, MECHATROLINK (I, II), EtherCAT and EtherNet/IP are supported.

Learn more about the PCON-CA controller.

PowerCON IXP SCARA & RCP4 Gripper

New stepper motor based IXP SCARA robot. Utilizes technology from the PowerCON 150 (PCON-CA) controller for high performance at lower cost.

The attached gripper is the RCP4-GRSML ideal for high speed applications. A high payload type gripper is also available.

The MSEL controller has various field bus options such as EtherNet/IP, DeviceNet, PROFIBUS-DP, CC-Link, and IA Net.

How To Video: Quick and Easy 1 Minute Setup with Quick Teach Controller

Did you know about our Quick Teach Controller?

The video Instruction for How to setup IAI ROBO Cylinder/Electric Actuator using our Quick Teach Controller.
Controller in this video: RCM-PST, Electric Actuator: ERC3

Link to the product page:


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