Inspection of switches for electronics

Industry: Electronic Components
Process: Inspection
Actuators: RCL-RA, TT-A2 (built-in controller)

The table top robot TT series and the Micro Cylinder RCL series have been adopted as inspection equipment for buttons on electronics.

First, the Micro Cylinder RCL performs a push motion to measure the height of the switch on the electronic device.

Then a set distance is moved back and forth to push every switch.

Previously, when using an electromagnetic solenoid, the z-axis had to be adjusted every time the product type changed.

The manual labor has been reduced after switching to the RCL.

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RCL-RA, TT-A2 (built-in controller)

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Application for equipment press-fitting onto a printed circuit board

Industry: Electronic Components
Process: Press-fitting
Functions used: Positioning and Pushing

ROBO Cylinder® was adopted for equipment that performs both processes of applying silicon to a printed circuit board and press-fitting a cover.

While the printed circuit board is moved with the RCP3-SA5R on the bottom, the coating and press-fitting are performed with the RCA2-TW4N on the top.

Automating a manual process has doubled the production efficiency.

Also, the changeover became easy whenever the workpiece changed, which reduced the amount of man hours necessary.

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Equipment for detecting gas leak of machines

Industry: Inspection/Testing
Process: Inspection
Actuators: IA Kit

Functions of the ROBO Cylinders being used

The IA kit has been adopted for equipment that inspects gas leakage after a device that uses refrigerant gas is packed into a cardboard box.

A camera detects the hole opened for inspection on the cardboard box and the gas detector moves to that position. Then using the z-axis, the gas detector is inserted into the hole to measure gas concentration.

By automating a manual process with this equipment, the cost of labor was reduced.

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Slipper Production Line

Other Industries
Process: Application
Actuators: RCP2-SS8C and RCP4-RA5C

By automating the adhesive application process,
the product quality has improved greatly!!

【 Issues Until Now

  • The adhesive application process used to be done manually.
  • There was inconsistency in the quality of the finished products, and about 40% of the products were defective.

【Importance of Improvement】

  • To promote the consistency of product quality by automating the application process

【Improvement Details】

  • The application process was automated by introducing
  • two-axes combined Cartesian robots that use Robo Cylinders.

【Improvement Effects】

  • The quality of the work improved, and
    the rate of defective products decreased from approximately 40% →0%.

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