Sending defective products to the removal line

Industry: Others
Process: Sorting, Inspecting
Actuators: RCP5-SA7C

Motorizing the removal of defective products made high speed possible and lowered costs.

[Issues Until Now]

  • An air cylinder was used for the movement of the plate that removes defective products.
  • Adjusting air pressure was difficult, and removal speed was unstable. This caused defective products to get stuck on the entry of the conveyor when the speed became low.
  • The speed of the removal conveyor was set slow to ensure the removal of defective products.

[Improvement with Motorization]

  • Removal speed was stabilized. This prevented defective items from getting caught at the entrance of the removal conveyor.
  • The speed of the removal conveyor was raised.

[Improvement Results]

  • Line speed increased by 40%
  • Production per day increased from 15,000 units to 21,000 units (1 line)
  • Line Stoppage Resolved ・ Labor Cost Reduced
  • Annual Labor Cost Reduction Effect of $1,800

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RCP5-SA7C ROBO Cylinder Slider Type


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Equipment for Labeling Glass Bottles

Industry: Food & Beverage Packaging & Labeling
Process: Labeling

A small and thin type Robo Cylinder® and a MEC controller have been adopted for labeling glass bottles for beverages.

When the bottle is placed on top of rollers, the rollers rotate in sync with the feeding of the label.

As the label is fed, it is transferred from the paper onto the bottle. The label is fixed by pressing down on it with Robo Cylinder®.

An Air cylinder was considered, but the equipment was motorized so that it could be used in places without compressed air.

Robo Cylinder® can use the same input/output circuit as an air cylinder, and as construction without a PLC was possible, the equipment was produced at a low price.

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Plastic Parts Assembly Line

Industry: Others
Process: Press-fitting
Actuators: RCP2-SS8C , RCP4-RA5C

By replacing the parts setting process from air cylinders to electric actuators, “Choco Tei”* has stopped occuring!

* “Choco Tei” is a brief interruption of the line.

[Issues Until Now]

The movement and the hoisting for placing plastic parts into the cases were done with air cylinders.

Parts were falling due to the impact from the air cylinder abrupt movement stops. (30 minutes/day)

[Improvement Details]

The air cylinder for movement and hoisting parts was replaced with ROBO® Cylinders.

[Improvement Effects]

Parts stopped falling and eliminated “Choco Tei”*.

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