June 2007 Issue 13


Greetings Friends

by Antonio Jimenez
I know it’s been a while since you’ve received a newsletter and I apologize. I have been immersed in making sure all of IAI’s new product offerings have supporting materials ready for launch. If you haven’t seen our latest ROBO Cylinder Catalog yet, then let me fill you in.

IAI has launched new high performance lines of ROBO Cylinders with a full range of new design features for improved performance and reduced maintenance and energy costs compared to traditional air cylinders.

One of them, named the RCA series, are compact 24-V servo cylinders similar in shape to air cylinders. It comes in Rod or Slider types and utilizes the ACON position controller and ASEL program controllers.

The Rod types are available with optional mounting brackets similar to those normally used with air cylinders, such as the foot, trunnion and clevis so you can easily convert your existing air cylinders to ROBO Cylinders.

ROBO Cylinder RCA Electric Linear Actuator

The ACON is a single axis controller available in different types. The ASEL controller is available in 1 or 2 axis types with six operating modes.

The ROBO Cylinder brand includes a full range of controller-integrated, Slider, Rod, Arm, Flat, Dust Proof, Splash Proof and Cleanroom Type actuators with options for 24V or 200V motors with position and program controllers for 1 or 2 axis types.

IAI is ISO 9001 certified and ISO 14000 certified, and its products conform to European RoHS directives.

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