Micro Cylinder RCL Linear Servo Actuator

RCP3 RCA2 Industrial Automation Robots


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Built-in Encoder Supports Multiple Positioning Points
Choice of Controllers for Different Applications

Space-saving, high speed, high acceleration/deceleration and quiet operation

The new ultra-small linear servo cylinder offers functions comparable to an air cylinder at Ø16mm

1. Ultra-small Diameter Cylinder Actuator

The compact actuator with the minimum size of 16mm can be installed even in the most confined spaces. Installation is easier than an air cylinder, because there’s no piping to worry about.

2. Compact Size Achieved by Linear Motor

IAI adopted the linear motor method requiring no rotating speed-reducer mechanism to accommodate all these features in a compact body.

3. Smooth, Quiet Operation

The sine-wave drive using 3-phase coil eliminates cogging. Furthermore, there’s virtually no outside leakage of magnetism.
4. Built-in Encoder Supports Multiple Positioning Points

Thanks to its built-in encoder, the RCL series can perform positioning to a maximum of 512 points when combined with a compact, affordable ACON controller.
5. Brake Option

Designed for use in vertical applications, the brake-type RCL prevents the load from dropping when power outages occur or if the power is cut off accidentally.

6. Choice of Controllers for Different Applications

The RCL series can be combined with ASEL controllers supporting program operation, or ACON controllers supporting operation by position specification. The ACON series includes different types of controllers including the standard type, solenoid type, pulse-train input type, and serial communication type. Choose a controller that best suits your specific application and purpose.