Dish Decorating Application Example

No Specific Industries
Dish Decorating Application Example
Controller PCON x 2
Actuators RCP4-SA5C x 2
  • Tableware dishes are decorated by a machine.
  • Previously, dishes were manually fed and retrieved into the machine but it was to be automated using air cylinders to reduce cycle time and labor costs.
  • Initially, the dishes deviated in position from the suction pad by the impact on the YZ air cylinders which resulted in shutting down the machine and production did not increase.
  • It was decided to consider using electric actuators instead.
  • A system combining a two slider rotary nut NS actuator as the Y-axis, and RCP4-SA5C actuators as the Z-axes was considered.
  • The NS can operate without having the sliders collide since they can move independently on the same axis. It is also able to accelerate and decelerate faster thus allowing the cycle time to be shortened and stop without impact.

Reduction in Cycle Time/Choco Tei — CT Effects

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