Copper Wire Bobbin Winding Machine Application Example

Paper, Film, Wire Rod, Architectural Material
Copper Wire Bobbin Winding Machine Application Example
Controller PCON-CA
Actuators RCP4W
  • This application significantly reduces the changeover time in a machine that winds a copper wire bobbin.
  • An actuator is used to wind a bobbin evenly by moving left and right with copper wire that comes out of washing machine. Since a rodless type air cylinder was used in the past, it was used at a reduced speed since the copper wire was damaged and made defective by the jerking of the sudden stops.
  • Furthermore, in order to change the speed of the air cylinder each time the diameter of the copper wire changes in the changeover, it takes time to adjust the speed controller. Productivity was reduced.
  • By replacing this rodless air cylinder with a ROBO Cylinder, the movement speed was able to be increased while eliminating any jerking due to stops. In addition, since there are no speed fluctuations due to changes in air pressure, the winding is now good.
  • An RCP4W dustproof water resistant type of actuator (IP 65) was selected to deal with water droplets that adhere to the copper wire due to the cleaning process.

Reduction in Cycle Time/Choco Tei — CT Effects

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