Pressing a Pin into a Ring Application Example

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Pressing a Pin into a Ring Application Example
Actuator RCP2-RA10C
Controller PCON-CFA
  • The process step of press fitting a metal pin into a resin ring is a successful example of reducing stoppages and reducing cycle time.
  • An air cylinder was used in the past but since a pin must be fit by using a constant force slowly, it was difficult to make speed adjustments. Stoppages of seven times per hour occurred due to the pin being damaged during pressing.
  • By replacing the air cylinder with a ROBO Cylinder, it became possible to press fit at a constant speed such that adjustments were no longer needed. The cycle time has been reduced and damage to the pin in the resin ring has been eliminated.
  • Once it moves fast to the start of the press fitting operation it is possible to slowly press fit (up to 300kg) by using the ROBO Cylinder. The press fitting is now quick, accurate, and stable which eliminates any stoppages. As a result, the production number per day has increased from 791 parts to 1,008. (Assuming 7 hours of operation per day)

Reduction in Cycle Time/Choco Tei — CT Effects

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