Engine Parts Transfer Application Example

Engine Parts Transfer Application Example
Actuators RCS3-SA8C, RCP2-SA5C, RCP2-GRM
Controllers SCON, PCON
  • The reduction in cycle time in the process of transferring automotive engine parts is a successful example of reducing labor costs and stoppages.
  • In the past, air cylinders were used but the work parts ended up falling out of the gripper when the cylinders were stopped due to jerky motion.
  • This resulted in stoppages that occurred about 15 times a day.
  • When the air cylinders were replaced with ROBO Cylinders, the work parts were then moved smoothly (the jerky motion was eliminated) since acceleration and deceleration were under more control.
  • The cycle time has been reduced to 4.2 seconds from 4.9 seconds. The time to produce 7,000 parts a day has been reduced to 8.2 hours from 10 hours. As a result, annual labor costs have been reduced by $7,780.

Reduction in Cycle Time/Choco Tei — CT Effects

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