CT-Effects Mini Webinar Video – Learn How to Reduce Production Costs and Get Huge Savings


Mini Webinar videos at: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLKoah4afs0KZGh94bwrZy9rrz0pktfIJ9

Learn CT-Effects!, the key to reduce production costs. You may be able to further reduce the costs if you look closely at the CT effects. (This is for the environments of manufacturing, factory, automation, and much more.) So what exactly are CT effects? Check out the video clips!

[Short Video Titles]
CT Effect 2014 001 Intro – Key to Reduce Production Costs at Automation Manufacturer
CT Effect 2014 002 Productivity Improvement and Ceased Time Reduction
CT Effect 2014 003 Application Example of Cycle Time Reduction – Case Study
CT Effect 2014 004 Comparison Air Cylinder and Electric Actuator by Speed on t v Diagram
CT Effect 2014 005 Changeable Speed and Zone Output at Press Fitting Operation
CT Effect 2014 006 & 007 Cut The Costs Get The Huge Saving
(006: Reduce Machines Increase Production by using IAI Actuator ROBO)
(007: Cut The Costs Get The Huge Saving by IAI Electric Actuator)
CT Effect 2014 008 Example of Choco Tei Reduction & Huge Cost Saving LV
CT Effect 2014 009 Long Life Lower Inventory, Energy Cost & CO2Emissions, LV


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