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Mini ROBO Cylinder® Cleanroom Dust/Splash-proof

The newly developed motor allows for a far more compact size, comparable in size to an air cylinder. Models are available with the same shape as a typical air cylinder. This ROBO Cylinder can be used in applications where limited space previously required air cylinders.

Cleanroom, dust-proof and splash-proof models have been added to 5 types, with 3 sizes of each type, for a total of 15 models.

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IAI America at The Assembly Show 2017

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Rotating Joint Wrist Unit WU Series

Ideal for reducing the cost of equipment

Diagonal approaches and tip swiveling, possible until now only with vertically articulated robots, can now be performed with the minimum required axis configuration.
Ideal for reducing the cost of equipment.

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New Thin Gripper Series RCP6-GRT7

Equipped with a Battery-less Absolute Encoder as Standard

With orthogonal axis + gripper pick and place, all axes can be configured with battery-less absolute encoder equipped products.
Home return is no longer required when restarting the equipment; you can move to the next operation while gripping the workpiece.

Flat Shape with Height of 39 mm

The height has been reduced by as much 55% when compared a conventional gripper.

High Rigidity

By adopting an integrated body frame guide with proven performance for linear axes, the gripping point distance and overhang amount have been improved greatly.

High Grip Force

IAI presents our highest-class grip force of up to 300N. (Current limit value 70%)

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