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Next Generation ROBO Cylinder® RCP6 Series Catalog


Choose from a lineup of 92 models that best suit your needs.

  • Equipped with High Resolution Battery-less Absolute Encoder as Standard
  • Built-in Controller Type Is Also Available for All Models
  • Improved Positioning Repeatability for Standard Specification: ±10μm

Learn more about the RCP6 ROBO Cylinder.

New ROBO Cylinder Rotary Type RCP2CR-RT/RCP2W-RT Catalog


Cleanroom Type and Dust-proof Type Now Available!

Cleanroom Type and Dust-proof/Splash-proof Type are now added to the lineup of the rotary type actuators.

Learn more about the RCP2CR-RT/RCP2W-RT.

New Mini Cylinder RCD Catalog

Mini Cylinder RCD

New Version Now Available

  • Ultra-compact size has been achieved, with a cross-section of only 12 mm and a body length as short as 60 mm.
  • The Mini Cylinder RCD incorporates a newly developed brushless DC motor that generates sufficient torque despite its compact size.

Learn more about the Mini Cylinder RCD.

New Tabletop Robot TTA Series Catalog


Cantilever Type and ZR-axis Type Now Available

  • Improved tabletop robot featuring significantly higher payload, maximum speed and rigidity.
  • Enlarged variation with addition of cantilever type and ZR-axis type.

Learn more about the Tabletop Robot TTA.