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Easy Automation Application Improvement Videos

Shampoo Filling Equipment
Cut the operating hours by 18% by being able to change the speed during use.
1. Increased the discharge flow rate to shorten the fill time.
2. Achieved only 0.2 minute of changeover time.

Sequential Feeder Non-woven Fabric Punching Line
Reliable movements resulted in a defective rate of 0%.
1. Significantly reduced the defect rate.
2. ROBO Cylinders have a service life of 10 years or longer.

Video for MODBUS Serial Communication


This is a short tutorial video to assist you to understand IAI’s Modbus Serial Communication manual. Start with very simple commands and then move to more advanced commands. For full information, please refer to IAI’s Serial Communication Manual which can be downloaded from the link below.

GO to our main website to watch the video, download manual and sample commands