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Cutting Cords to Variable Specified Lengths – CT-Effects Application Example

Motorizing the feed process increased production, and significantly lowered electricity and labor costs.

Papers/Films/Wires/Building Materials
Cutting Cords to Variable Specified Lengths – CT-Effects Application Example
[ Robot/Electric Actuators ]


  • [Issues until now]

    – Air cylinders were used to feed a cord to a specified length.

    – It took time to manually adjust the stopper position each time the product type was changed. (About 5 minutes per changeover = 1 hour/day)

    – It was difficult to cut the correct length, causing workers to repeatedly inspect and adjust the cutting.

  • [Improved with Motorization]

    – Manually adjusting the stopper position was totally eliminated. Adjustments are now done by entering the feed amount on a touch panel. Manual changeovers are a thing of the past.

    – Using a value command function in the ROBO Cylinder made it easy to cut lengths of specified varieties. The manual labor for adjustments was significantly reduced.

    [Improvement Results]

    – Production was increased from 7 hours per day to 8 hours.

    – Reducing the number of steps also reduced labor costs.

Reduced man-hours needed for:
– changeover time: 60 minutes/day
– cut inspection and adjustment time: 120 minutes/day
→ Total of 3 hours/day
(Annual Example)
– Labor Time of 3 hours/day (times 250 days/year)
– 3 hours X $10 X 250 days
If labor costs $10/hour
→ Annual Savings of $7,500

*Exchange Rate: 1(USD)=100(Japanese Yen)

Electricity costs reduced with motorization

(Example) Work load: 3kg, Moving distance: 200m
Cycle time: 3 sec. One-day running time: 8 hours

Annual operation days: 250 days
Unit Price: (Air) $0.24/m3 (Electric) $0.15/KWH

〈 Annual Electricity Costs 〉Approximately 95% reduced
Air Cylinder$117.67/year
(Cylinder inner diameter φ25mm)
Electric Cylinder$5.67/year

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RCP5 ROBO Cylinder® with Battery-less Absolute Encoder – New Product Released!


New Product Released !

RCP5 ROBO Cylinder® with Battery-less Absolute Encoder as Standard Equipment

The RCP5 series actuator with battery-less absolute encoder, realizing the convenience of an absolute encoder along with the cost and simplicity of an incremental encoder

The battery-less absolute encoder is an innovative encoder requiring no hassle or cost of battery replacement or adjustment associated therewith (patent pending), as rotational position data is recognized by a combination of gears to make the battery, which has been a required component of any traditional absolute encoder, no longer necessary. This encoder is ideal for the automobile industry and other production facilities where many absolute type actuators are used.

Link to the Product Page for more information, and to Download PDF Catalog #: CJ0215-4A-UST-1-0814 (11 MB)