ROBONET Setup with RC Software – Short Video Demonstration

This is a short demonstration for the setup of ROBONET and RC Software from IAI.

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ROBONET allows you to control multiple electric actuators with one single communication port, the gateway unit. A user can choose either the field network or the serial communication port to send their commands to the controller of an actuator.

This tutorial shows a basic introduction of each ROBONET unit, setup, and use of the RC Software on the PC through serial communication port to program a position table for each ROBONET controller.

Using ROBO Cylinder Software Version 7 with SEP controllers (Video Image Reproduced)

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How to Wire the PCON-CA Controller

The PCON stepper motor controller boosts the performance of our RCP4 electric actuators supporting a high-output driver. The speed has been increased 1.5 times and can handle payload twice as much as our conventional models.

Field networks DeviceNet, CC-Link, PROFIBUS-DP, CompoNet, MECHATROLINK (I, II), EtherCAT and EtherNet/IP are supported.

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