Why IAI?

Complete System Solutions
Instead of building a robotics system from scratch, design engineers can purchase fully-functional units from IAI and begin production sooner.

Easy Integration
Our straightforward programming language and pre-formatted products make it easy to integrate IAI products with other components. You’ll be up and running in no time.

Excellent Support
We have teams of expert technicians standing by to answer your questions and solve your problems. Spare parts are stocked in both the Torrance, CA and Itasca, IL offices and are available for immediate shipment. You can even download mechanical drawings from this Web site into your CAD designs.

Fast Delivery
Most parts and miscellaneous items are available for immediate shipment. Delivery of standard products is within four to six weeks.

Buying off-the-shelf IAI products is more cost-effective than building your own, and puts your project into production sooner.

Our products provide the best price-to-quality value on the market.

What's New at IAI America